BeetleBusters is a small company that was recently started by two young men in Colorado. Their mission is to help stop the destructive progress of the beetle kill epidemic in the Rocky Mountains. They work through a variety of methods, including spraying pesticide, cutting down dead trees, and planting new trees in areas already decimated. I designed three possible logos for their business. The first one was chosen and used on their letterhead, uniforms, and trucks.

BeetleBusters logo 1 BeetleBusters logo 2 BeetleBusters logo 3


Choice City Rebels

The Choice City Rebels are a roller derby group located in Fort Collins, Colorado. They wanted a new logo that had a somewhat risque feeling as well as conveying the toughness of the sport. I based the girl's design on that of the pinup girls painted on the sides of World War II aircraft, such as the Memphis Belle.

Choice City Rebels logo


Artist Association of Northern Colorado

The Artist Association of Northern Colorado is the oldest such association in the state. They are a nonprofit that supports all local artists, whether beginners or professionals. Since they support all forms of visual art, they needed a logo that presented the essence of art. I provided them with two versions of an all-encompassing logo, with a variant on the first one.

AANC logo 1 AANC logo 2 AANC logo 3


Pet Pride

An ad that I designed for Pet Pride's new "Gourmet Portions" line of wet cat foods. They wanted something that would push the product's freshness and natural flavor. Future ads for other flavors of cat food (such as chicken or beef) will be designed along the same lines.

Pet Pride Ad


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